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Fortunately, the answer is yes. The components in the project support two input schemes commonly used in VR applications. The first is the gaze-pointer, where your user controls a pointer with their head orientation and interacts with objects or UI elements as they would using a mouse pointer.

How to Build VR UI’s with Unity and Oculus Rift, Part 2

The second is a pointer similar to a conventional mouse pointer, which moves across a world-space plane such as a UI panel hovering in space, or a computer monitor in the virtual world. The EventSystem is the core through which all events flow. It works closely with a few other components, including the InputModule component, which is the main source of events handled by the EventSystem. Built-in implementations of a mouse input module and a touch input module manage state with respect to the source of the pointing i.

The actual detection is implemented in a ray caster class such as GraphicRaycaster. A ray caster is responsible for some set of interactive components. When an InputModule processes a pointer movement or touch, it polls all the ray casters it knows about, and each one detects whether or not that event hit any of its components.

oculus uihelper

In a mouse-driven or touch-driven application, the user touches or clicks on some point on the screen which corresponds to a point on the viewport of the application. A point in a viewport corresponds to a ray in the world, from the origin of the camera.

Because the user may have intended to click on any object along that line, the InputModule is responsible for choosing the closest result from all the ray intersections found by the various ray casters in the scene. One way to provide GUI control in VR is to create a virtual screen in world space for the mouse pointer to traverse. The ray could even originate from a pointer in your hand if you had a tracked input device.

If you open the demo project attached to this blog post, you will notice that we added the following classes that derive from built-in Unity UI classes:.

We will examine the code in each of these classes later. Before going any further, now would be a good time to open the sample project.

5 Steps to Set Up Your Oculus Rift with Unity in Less Than 10 Minutes

The project attached to this blog post is a Unity 5. However, all of the code included will also work with Unity 4. You will also need the latest version of Oculus Unity Utilities, available for download here. Once you have downloaded the Integration, import it into the project as described here. Pointers is a scene using normal Unity UI canvases and a normal camera.

You find this option in Player Settings. Open up the Pointers scene and press play to run it in the editor. Notice that it works like a conventional non-VR application—you can move your mouse around on the screen and use it to move sliders and click on check boxes.

You may choose to place it where the camera previously was, or anywhere else you feel provides a good vantage point of the UI.The next step to creating your own virtual reality UI is to configure various Oculus prefabs and Unity UI components so that they can interact with each other.

By default, Unity UI components will not work with Oculus because they were built for screen-based inputs and not VR inputs. There is a bit of configuration that has to be done for them to work together.

Infographic: The Future of Virtual Reality. Mario Kart in a real vehicle with VR! Create a new scene in Unity then add the following Oculus prefabs to your scene:. Canvas is the base component for all UI components in Unity.

[RELEASED] VR Interaction Framework for Oculus Quest

A Canvas can be a stand-alone UI element, like a button for example. A Canvas can also act as a wrapper and contain multiple UI elements. The default render mode for Canvases is as a 2D screen overlay. It is also useful to add an Image script component to the Canvas so you can see it in Preview mode. You have completed setting up your scene. Preview the scene to test and see if the reticle rests on the canvas when you point your right controller at it.

Want to see how a custom VR UI works? Sign in. Du Hoang Follow. See responses 7. More From Medium. Discover Medium. Make Medium yours. Become a member. About Help Legal.Welcome to the Oculus Developer Forums! Your participation on the forum is subject to the Oculus Code of Conduct. In general, please be respectful and kind.

If you violate the Oculus Code of Conduct, your access to the developer forums may be revoked at the discretion of Oculus staff. VJ76 Posts: July in Oculus Quest Development. When adding the UIHelper prefab from the OculusIntergration, it directly assigns it to the right controller.

How can i switch it to the left controller? Do need to change the HandedInputSelector. Tagged: unity3d help oculus touch Oculus Quest. Weitin Posts: July Weitin Thx for your answer, but it is not working. Hey I took a look, and here are my findings. Even setting it to something else at runtime doesn't change it. However, I found no way of setting the dominant hand only getting through code or even in the user settings for that matter.

So it seems the laser is stuck to right hand. I'll contact Oculus about this, but I don't see this being fixed quickly. February FuzzyOnion Posts: March 13 edited March Running into the same problem but the code above did not work for me On the Oculus Go. Sign In or Register to comment. Howdy, Stranger!

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Ready to build? Continue to Docs.Rift is a very popular VR headset, so knowing how to setup Oculus Rift in developer mode is invaluable. Once in developer mode, you'll be able to start development in Unity with Oculus assets and more. This is an important part of VR development, so let's get started.

Unity is a content creation tool for building VR applications -- you can create, test, and publish your original ideas on Oculus Home! Oculus Integration is a unity plugin that allows you to build apps for the Oculus with the correct framework.

To start things off, Usman will be sharing our Oculus Rift set up video with Unity. Next, we'll go over a three step recap of the video and some common issues. Unity is free to install and use. Name your project, select 3D from the Template dropdown menu and click Create Project. Now all we need to do is officially add Oculus Integration to our project. It will pop up as an option, and you can select, download and import it into your project directly from that window.

Do it. Now your project is doing something funny. Problem solved! Essentially, the Oculus Rift headset is now a part of this project.

oculus uihelper

Next, click and drag the LocalAvatar prefab into your scene. Now that we have the controllers in the scene, your player will be able to interact with objects within the application you build. But we still need to make the controllers visible as avatar hands.

Start by clicking the LocalAvatar game object in your Hierarchy Tab. Then, take a look at your Inspector tab. Save the scene. Turn on your Oculus Rift controllers and click Play in Unity. You should be able to see your scene as well as your two touch controllers.

You should also see your controllers moving around in the Scene tab. Start by checking out all of the button inputs on your controllers. As you continue to develop your scene, make sure you take advantage of the huge amount of resources at the Oculus Developer Center.

Remember, if you run into any trouble or need one-on-one guidance from Unity pros, you can always find it in our live week course. If you can't see your Touch Controllers in the scene, and Unity is giving you an error in the Project tab, try these fixes:.

3D Printed Pistol VR Controller Mod - Oculus Quest

What's next? If you're just starting out, join one of our live or on-demand VR Workshops.This blog provides the scripts needed for adding ray selection using a Gear VR Controller to any Unity project. The provided scripts mimic the behavior of the laser pointer in the Gear VR home environment for interacting with menus and the environment.

If no Gear VR controller is connected, this system will fall back to using a gaze pointer. January Update: This post has been extended with support for interacting with Unity's UI and event system. Rift with Touch controllers is also supported now. Some scripts in here are duplicates of scripts that come with Oculus Utilities for Unity 5, make sure to use the ones in the correct namespace. All other resources located in the provided package are only used for the sample scenes.

Setting the transform in editor is recommended, but not required. The world space Ray used for raycasting is stored in the worldSpaceRay member variable. This script contains a VR specific subclass of Graphics Raycaster.

An instance of this script should be attached to any canvas which will receive pointer input in VR. This script replaces GraphicsRaycaster. Any world space canvas should have an event camera set up.

oculus uihelper

If no event camera is set up, the OVRRaycaster will try to find an appropriate camera to use. This script contains a VR specific replacement for the Physics Raycaster. This script is used to interact with 3D obects in a scene using Unity's event system. Any object that is interactable needs to have some kind of a Collider, as well as an Event Trigger controller.

All pointer events are supported. This script is responsible for controlling the pointer visualization. If no controller is present, the input system falls back to using a gaze controller, and a gaze reticle is used. The LineRenderer used for the selection ray and a Transform to be used for the gaze reticle need to be set. Setting the transform in editor is optional, if it is not set the OVRInputHelper script will try to find it in your scene. This script detects 3D objects in the scene using Physics.

This allows the script to interact with 3D objects without having to use a Physics Raycaster component or the Unity Event System.Search Unity. Log in Create a Unity ID. Unity Forum. Forums Quick Links. Asset Store Spring Sale has begun!

Unite Now has started! Come level up your Unity skills and knowledge. Come post your questions! Joined: Jan 26, Posts: Last edited: Feb 25, BeardedNinjaGamesJan 28, Joined: Feb 10, Posts: 6. Thank you for the video and feedback! In Unity if you click on the weapon, there is a "Reload Method" setting you can change to Infinite Ammo : I'll add a pistol with infinite ammo to the demo - maybe I'll hide a couple around the map.

BeardedNinjaGamesJan 30, Joined: Jul 23, Posts: Looks solid, but lacks few features I'd like to see. Do you plan 2 handed grabbing support? Shotgun like weapons support? More melee weapon support? Maybe you have roadmap you can share? IkaBikaFeb 5, SinCityXR likes this. Joined: Jul 26, Posts: Is it compatible with Rift S out of the box? EstudioVRFeb 5, BeardedNinjaGamesFeb 5, Ok that's really good. I'm in! I have others assets similiar, but i will test yours.

oculus uihelper

Joined: Mar 20, Posts: Does your arm IK take into account the actual size of the users arms? Is that adjustable? Here's a little preview of the upcoming 1. BeardedNinjaGamesFeb 8, MajorThurmankesohIkaBika and 1 other person like this. Joined: Nov 11, Posts: Hi there.


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