Healthy lifestyle essay in english

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential for everyone. When we say the word health, it includes physical as well as mental health.

Short and smart paragraph on value of good health in English and education channel by Ritashu

Present lifestyle has become very hectic and confusing, people ignore their health and are always on the go. This leads to many diseases and problems in the long run. Everyone irrespective of age groups should strive to maintain a proper and healthy lifestyle. We see many people who have a beautiful skin, hair and body structure. They look fit and healthy in every way. They are happy and relaxed. Although they might be having a busy lifestyle and very hectic schedule, but all this is possible because they maintain their day to day activities and food habits in such a way that it reflects on their face and body.

People who often fall ill or are always weak are sign of an unhealthy life style and food habits. Healthy lifestyle gives you a good health and a long life without any problems or diseases.

A Healthy Life And Healthy Lifestyle Essay

Many of the disease which have become common now like BP, Diabetes, Cholesterol etc are due to bad lifestyle, stress and food habits. Few things which are essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle are — waking up early, exercising or practicing yoga regularly or at-least walking early in the morning in fresh air, having a proper and healthy breakfast. We see many people skipping breakfast due to lack of time early in the morning.

This is the main culprit, your body did not have any essential nutrients for hours and eating breakfast gives you the right amount of energy. Eat a good amount of healthy breakfast in the morning like oats, fruits or anything which has less oil. Never skip your meals. There is a misconception that skipping a meal will help you lose weight. This is completely wrong. Skipping a meal would make you more weak and hungry and you end up eating more than required, and it has many other bad effects on your digestive system as it gives you acidity or some other complications.

Try to include more fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, avoid any processed or type of fast foods, eat more of home made and freshly made food and try to drink glasses of water per day.

Do not eat late at night and have a fixed time for every meal all through the day and maintain consistency for that. Eating at odd time also has a bad effect on your health. Do not sit for long time or spend more time with electronics. This will not only help you lose weight and be active but this also has a positive effect on your eyes and brain. Keep track of what you are eating.

Do not over eat at the same time do not starve yourself.With that being stated, it is so easy to go from a healthy lifestyle to an unhealthy lifestyle. People of today believe that life is too short to even think about the benefits of an unhealthy lifestyle, but end up paying for it in the long run.

Many people wish to live a good, healthy life and live to be one hundred years old. Hearing the words diet and exercise almost scares them away from the thought of being a healthy individual. Many of them are at risk of many diseases that come with being overweight or obese. Preventing some of those.

Living a healthy lifestyle is a conflation of several factors. One is not able to live a healthy lifestyle without a good diet, adequate sleep, exercise, and reduced stress. Living a healthy lifestyle is about finding happiness and learning to avoid detrimental situation, triggers and substances that decrease overall health. None the less, one must form a platform based on healthy morals and principles in order to live life to its fullest potential.

Part of living a healthy lifestyle is eating. Introduction and Theme One of the contemporary issues in American society is the practice of unhealthy lifestyles. Rising caloric and fat content in the majority of our foods has put a strain on the American diet and furthered obesity. If such issues are not addressed, this could lead to an increasing number. But as said, where there is a will there is a way.

In all the activities which one undertakes every day, small changes can take him or her a long way in leading a life which is healthier. A person typically moves away from home, and beings a new life, alone. This can become extremely stressful on the mind, and on the body. Balancing a healthy lifestyle is extremely important on the road to mental and physical health while in.

Health and well-being is most important to obtain in life. This day and age technology has served as a major impact on how the world operates, especially our. Good hygiene practices include but. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important and a great way to combat many health issues. A healthy lifestyle is about more than just exercising and eating right, but moderation, balance and simple substitutions. The choices you choose and the lifestyle habits that you acquire are an important factor in aging, which should make you want to choose healthy options and make sure that you are living a healthy and.

Having a healthy lifestyle is key to success. Joe Cross is an Australian businessman that is determined to reduce his obesity. For various years, Cross had become dependent on different kinds of medications to control his obesity. However, he is determined to change his habits by travelling to the U. S, and fast for 60 days by drinking detox juice.If we are not healthy do not feel in the state of physical, mental and social well beingwealth means nothing to us.

So, our health is a real wealth; we should always try to be healthy. There is a very common and true saying that Health is Wealth. We should always keep in mind that wealth is wealth however health is the greatest wealth in this world. We should also motivate our kids and children to know something about this common saying using such as simple and easy essay on Health is Wealth.

You can make your kids aware about their health using such simply worded Health is Wealth essay. It is very true that Health is Wealth. As, it is only our good health which stay with us in any bad or good circumstances.

Nobody in this world can help us in bad times. So, if our health is good, we can bear any bad circumstances in our life. In order to maintain a good health we need to eat balanced food, daily mild exercises, fresh air, clean water, maintain good posture, enough sleep and rest, maintain cleanliness, regular medical check-ups, follow our elders, parents, and teachers etc.

Good health is the real wealth means money which has capability to help us always. Good health is most important part of our life without which we are incomplete and living unhealthy life. Good health is really better than wealth and other things in this whole world. For getting fit we need to maintain standard and healthy eating.

We should brush our teeth daily two times a day to keep our mouth clean and free of diseases. We should clean our hand with soap and water every time before eating food. We should maintain our good personal hygiene in order to get healthy. We should daily take bath with fresh water and go for morning walk to have some fresh air. It is as true as our life. Good health keeps us always happy and gives us feeling of complete physical, mental, social and intellectual well-being.

A good health keeps us away from the diseases and health disorders. The loss of good health causes loss of all the happiness. A good health helps us to life a good, balanced and healthy life. Our good health needs several things to get done on daily basis.

healthy lifestyle essay in english

We need fresh air, clean water, proper sunlight, balanced diet, away from junk food, clean and healthy atmosphere, greenery environment, morning walk, personal hygiene, proper education, etc. Healthy food at proper time is very necessary for the healthy body which is possible only through the well balanced diet.

It promotes the proper growth and development of our body which keeps us mentally, physically and socially healthy. With the help of our good health we can fight any bad situations in the life.Custom Search. Sponsored Links. A healthy lifestyle means maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet as well as engaging in sports or other fitness related activities.

A healthy diet alone however is inadequate to ensure a healthy body as physical activity helps to keep one in shape and free of sickness and disease. According to the World Health Organization, only one in ten people exercise regularly and a majority do not follow a healthy diet.

The main culprit is our penchant for junk food as can be seen from the popularity of fast food chains and other western eateries.

Thus, consuming this type of food on a daily basis can contribute to weight gain. Overweight and obese people suffer from many health complications such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even cancer.

Essay on Healthy Lifestyle in English for School Kids & Children | Healthy Lifestyle Essay

Hence, the emphasis on healthy lifestyle should start at a young age. Parents must urge their children to eat more vegetables, fruits, juices, wholemeal and wholegrain foods. They do not realize however that sets the stage for an unhealthy lfestyle for their children who quickly become addicted to such foods.

Thus, parents can counter this problem by cooking or preparing meals that do not take up time such as cheese sandwiches, soup, stir friend vegetables or buy pre-packed meals from supermarkets which can be warmed up in the microwave oven. Dining out usually involves eating heavily and unhealthily. Most of us are prone to ordering deep fried food and oily dishes as opposed to steamed or baked food. Thus, though eating out is unavoidable, parents of children and adults as a hole should order fresh food and foods that are nutritious and not laden with oil, fat or sugar.

Once a pattern of healthy eating is established, it would be easier to carry through such a lifestyle and for the children to follow suit. School canteens must be urged to sell only highly nutritious food and drinks. Vending machines that sell soft drinks and drinks that are spiked with sugar should be banned.

Hence, school going children would be exposed to healthy eating form young. Daily exercise is vital.A healthy lifestyle is the foundation of a good life. While it does not take much to achieve this lifestyle many people these days are unable to follow it owing to several reasons such as professional commitments, lack of determination and personal issues.

Healthy Living Essay

It takes a good amount of determination to lead a healthy lifestyle these days. With so many tasks to accomplish during the day, our health often takes a backseat. It is important to realize the need to follow a healthy lifestyle and understand the ways in which it can be achieved.

You can select any Healthy Lifestyle essay as per your need and interest:. The need to follow a healthy lifestyle is stressed upon via these mediums but people still ignore it and continue with their not-so-healthy lifestyle and eventually bear its consequences. A healthy lifestyle mainly includes following healthy eating habits, taking adequate sleep and squeezing in some time for physical exercise each day.

However, most people get so caught up with their daily grinds that they neglect their health. Ignoring your health is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Many people realize this only after they develop some health issues. It is time people should understand that our health is of utmost importance and it is only when we are healthy would we be able to work efficiently on other aspects of our lives.

Developing healthy habits requires just a few changes in the daily routine. These changes eventually become a habit and before you know you are on your way to a healthy lifestyle. It is better to take out some time to follow the healthy habits shared above when you are still young and fit to avoid health issues later in life. Ours is the generation of the computer, mobile, burgers, pizzas and late night parties— basically everything that is unhealthy.

Everyone is caught up between professional commitments and personal issues and what they are losing on amidst all this chaos is their health.

People these days have become so involved in their daily grinds that they have forgotten what it is to live a wholesome and healthy life. Our elders often stress upon the need for having a nutritious diet, sleeping and waking up on time each day and going to nearby places by foot rather than using vehicles each time.

However, most of us ignore their advice and continue with our unhealthy way of living. What they suggest is absolutely right.

healthy lifestyle essay in english

It is important to follow a healthy lifestyle. The need to switch to healthy habits is being stressed upon everywhere these days. Here is why it is important to follow a healthy lifestyle:. Indulging in unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking, having junk food, spending too much time on screen can lead to various serious illnesses and should thus be avoided.Good health is crucial to everything we do in our everyday lives.

The importance of good health can be clearly seen in how we function as human beings in the daily tasks that define our functionality in the society. Without good health, we are not able to reach our individual potentials and this can hinder us from achieving our personal goals in the social environment that we exist in. True enough, defining good health moves beyond the physical sense; it also includes emotional and mental. Good health means the different aspects of well-being which are mold together.

For one individual to function properly, he or she should be physically fit, as well as emotionally and mentally. In both home and work, health is also required in building social relationships. If we are unfit to build these connections, it can imply that we are depriving ourselves of social stimulation that can help in improving our outlook and disposition in everything we do. An individual who is actualized has a nurtured sense of disposition in the society which makes him or her energetic enough to be able to face different problems that may arise during the day.

At home, good health can be a collective concept for it is also crucial to the well-being of the good family. This means that healthy relationships are required in order for families to function as a single organ. Without health, relationships may fall apart and this can bring both short term and long term damages to how we perceive life. In professional spaces, health is crucial in dealing with different workplace situations and conflicts.

If one is unfit in any of the mentioned aspects above, this can heavily affect how an individual becomes productive in the workplace. Of course, good health can be equated to productivity in this context and without it, more conflicts may arise that may be very hard to deal with. To achieve good health, we as individuals should know the proper steps in nurturing ourselves. We need to be able to take care of ourselves in order to also know how to take care of others around us.

Knowing to take the right meals, eat healthy food, drink the proper amount of water and get the right hours of sleep are the basic things that we need to master. What comes after these are more self-conscious steps that can then nourish our mental health; this includes engaging in healthy discussions with other people as well as lively and productive conversations that nurture positivity instead of negativity. We must also know to surround ourselves with the right people so that we can continue living a live with less worry.

Emotional health is also a crucial part in us, as individuals. This is heavily influenced by our social relationships as well as our perception of our own selves.

The key in ensuring emotional health is to always gauge our feelings and knowing how to deal with it properly.

If our own selves are not capable of ensuring all these, seeking our family, friends and even professionals for help is always an option. The worst thing that we can do is to deprive ourselves of good health.

healthy lifestyle essay in english

Good health is not a myth; it is something that we can rally achieve as long as we put our minds in it and as long as we remember how to properly value ourselves.

All it takes is the right perception of our self-worth and some self-esteem. Login Order now. Call Now! Order now. Search for:. Order now! Fill out the order form step-by-step. We need you to be detailed.

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Free essay sample on the given topic "American Psycho".We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Why is a healthy lifestyle so important for us? It is important because it can help us to avoid the disease and illnesses such as hypertension and cancer. Having a healthy lifestyle also makes the life become more enjoyable and the most important thing is a way to keep our body in good condition in order to accomplish day-to-day tasks. Don't use plagiarized sources.

It is also very important to have a healthy lifestyle because it will save your life in the future. In addition, there are several ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle that is exercise, eating healthy and reducing stress. Exercising regularly is very important because through exercise it can boost the metabolism in our body.

It also can help us burn off the excess calories in body and increase the mobility in our muscle and joints. Next, eating healthy is also a very important way. Eating healthy does not mean eating expensive food with little waste. We should choose to eat the food that contain minimal amount of unhealthy fats. We must also choose to eat a variety of different whole foods instead of eating processed foods.

Managing your weight is the key to obtaining all of the health benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle. The other benefits are reduced tension and blood pressure. There are so many ways to having a healthy lifestyle and we can take more benefits from having a healthy life. Sources: www. Healthy Living. Accessed April 15, This is just a sample. You can get your custom paper from our expert writers.

Junk food is addictive because of many reasons such as saving time. The junk food can be clasified Over the past couple of days, we have watched the film, Food Inc. The purpose of this film was to shock every American with facts about the food they consume on a daily basis


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