Dolmar 9010 parts

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Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Stihl ms vs. Jun 11, Hey guys I am new so Hello! I am in the market for a large chainsaw and have narrowed my sights to either of the two saws mentioned in the title.

I am not really concerned about dealer support because I have it equally for both manufacturers. I know stihl is the king but many people have great things to say about dolmar. I like them both equally and the dolmar is a better value, but 2 or 3 years down the line I don't want to regret my decision and wish I bought a stihl. Neither dealer has any info to add to my concern except yeah I like the dolmar or stihl is better.

No non objective proof of superiority, just opinions. I want to buy the best saw that will last the maximum number of hours, be the most comfortable and function as intended. Thank you so much for any info or insight. Right on! Whatcha planning on using it for? The Dolmar is supposed to be a solid saw that responds well to a muffler mod. The bodark tree is one of the hardest freakin hardwoods around found only in parts of Oklahoma and Texas.

I have used a buddy's stihl in an Alaskan saw mill with the bodark before and I would say it is just a tad underpowered, or shall I say it gets tired easier. Its the only reason why I would justify using such a monster of a saw!

These are my primary uses. Felling, bucking, and converting to lumber via Alaskan saw mill. I know the saws are heavy, but i ain't skared. Big Neb ArboristSite Operative. I have 2 Dolmar 's and love them. In the next size up, the is "The King. Either should work fine for the use you have in mind, and if the price differential is great enough then it might be worth your while to get theand if you still have a few bucks left over to send it off to get woods ported.

The does have the advantage of an easy high-output oiler upgrade, which might be helpful in the milling context. It is one hellava saw. I don't do any milling, just felling and bucking. Jun 12, SawTroll Information Collector.Page of 68 Go. Page 60 - Remplacement du cordon de lancement Page 61 - Nettoyage du filtre d'air Page 62 - Remplacement de l'amortisseur de vibrati Quick Links.

Table of Contents. Owner's and Safety Manual. Read and understand this Manual. Always follow safety precautions in the Owner's and Safety Manual. Improper use can cause serious injury! The engine exhaust from this. Preserve this Manual carefully! Poor engine performance, loss of power, overheating, fuel vapor lock, improper clutch engagement, premature deterioration of fuel lines, premature deterioration of gaskets.

Lisez et comprenez. Conservez avec soin ce manuel! Page 2 As the engine owner, you should however be aware that DOLMAR may deny warranty coverage if your engine or a part has failed due to abuse, neglect, improper maintenance or unapproved modifications.

Page 3: Table Of Contents Careless or improper use of this product can cause serious or even fatal injury. Before operating a chain saw or other DOLMAR products it is important that you read, fully understand and carefully follow the instructions outlined in this owners manual. Kickback may cause severe or fatal injury and is one of many potential dangers in operating a chain saw.

For example, C. Make sure that the area in which you are cut- if improper tools are used to remove the flywheel ting is free from obstructions. Page 6: General Safety Precautions Reactive forces, including kickback, can be dan- gerous.

Careless or improper use of any chain saw may cause serious or fatal injury. Observe all applicable local safety regulations, standards and ordinances. Page 7 Never modify a chain saw in any way.

Only at- resistant insert fig. Page 8 "Mounting Guide Bar and Chain" of this ma- tion. If fuel or oil leakage is found, do not start or run nual. DOLMAR chain, guide bar and sprocket must the engine until leak is fixed and spilled fuel has been match each other see the appropriate section in this wiped away.

Page 9: Cutting Instructions Always start a cut with the chain running at full speed the appropriate section of this manual. Check the saw chain tension frequently, especially Never use the saw with one hand. Page 10 In order to keep control of your saw, always maintain a firm foothold. Never work on a ladder, in a tree or on any other insecure support.

Never use the saw above shoulder height fig. Position the chain saw in such a way that your body is Kickback: clear of the cutting attachment whenever the engine Kickback occurs when the upper quadrant of the bar Page 11 fig. Kickback is most pronounced in the upper quadrant of the bar nose. The best protection from personal-injury that may result from kickback is to avoid kickback situations Always start a cut with the chain rotating at full speed bar is suddenly stopped when it is pinched, caught and the spike bar in contact with the wood.

Page Sectioning Method Plunge-Cut Method Begin the felling cut slighty higher than the felling notch and on the opposite side of the tree fig.Log in or Sign up.

Outdoor Power Equipment Forum. I know everyone like reading and looking at saws come back to life. The starts Tear down begins.

dolmar 9010 parts

Black Dog ChainsawMay 19, This is going to take some elbow grease to polish this turd. Lots of pine pitch build up Looking at the carbs a bit in comparison to one I found in the mx series box Choke was removed and epoxied and the throat was hogged out.

Fuel intake changed as well too. Can anyone tell me the oem flow numbers for the Bing vs HS? If stock are they an improvement? HS maybe? Last edited: May 19, Been wanting to look into a more cost effective ignition replacement Looking for readily available AM coil conversion.

Looking left to right coils are : xp, Am I wrong to think as long as I can bolt it down, gap it correctly, and re-clock the flywheel Novice here so again Just a few I had laying around DeetsMay 19, Forums New posts Search forums.

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dolmar 9010 parts

JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Cletuspsc Start date Apr 27, Apr 27, Cletuspsc ArboristSite Operative. I was doin some looking around and couldent really find much about the on here. So how do you all think a stacks up to a stihl for every day chopping. It looks like their displacements are with in a few cc's.

I must say that I have never used abut I have a and for my firewood duty it serves its purpose very well. The pulls a 32" bar the way my pulls a 24" bar. SilverBox ArboristSite Guru. Joined Jan 12, Messages Location northern california. Yea i read that thread. I was hoping that there might be some one on here with alittle more time on one.

Like production choppin type time.

dolmar 9010 parts

I used one for a short time but I dont want to even go their now, too many dolmar lovers on this site. Justsaws Addicted to ArboristSite. Cletuspsc said:. Apr 28, Justsaws said:. They both cut wood like that is what they were designed to do.

Slower than a 6. Dam I hate it when people say that. So how is it designed to cut, does the grip make your hand go numb after 4hrs like the does.

dolmar 9010 parts

How quick is the saw to turn on its side when your limbing? Whats the throttle responce like?Pigroast uncertainty What are your thoughts?

Dolmar PS-9010 Chain Saws - Gasoline Crankcase Parts Diagram

Started by chipsfly09 on Chainsaws. Started by ahlkey on Chainsaws. Started by woodtroll on For Sale. Started by rahtreelimbs on Chainsaws. Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Send this topic Print. A friend of mine at our WI mill swears by the Thinks it is the best thing since sliced bread! So curiousity got the best of me and I did a dealer search. Come to find out one of the guys in the local Amish Community is a dealer. So off I go to check it out I will buy one when the funds allow.

I bleed Orange and White but adding a little red just might make me a bit "normal! Quote from: Cut4fun on March 08,PM. I love Domar saws. I hate the dealer network but I am a mechanic and I am also very resourceful when it comes to finding the part I need. I do not need to rely on a dealership for service. The Domar saws by themselves are terrific. The dealer network is the polar opposite. As a professional arborist I have had the opportunity to own and operate most every pro saw made by Sthil.

The only Sthil saw I own today is my old I sold all my other Stihls when Dolmar stole my heart. There are two things that made me fall out of love with Sthil. This seems like a minor nit-pick but this is a huge issue for me. Other saw makers are building saws that cost lest, run smoother, are better balanced, make more power at a given weight and are just as reliable.Nav Menu 2. While most local retailers will have to order your parts then wait for delivery, we have our parts in stock and ready to ship when you place an order with us.

We also have an extensive "How To" video library showing exactly how to do the repair to your chainsaw for those "Do It Yourself" types out there who need a little help. We offer 27 subcategories of suitable replacement Dolmar PS parts so you are sure to find just what you need to fix your chain saw and get back to cutting wood fast.

Tăieturi la pădure cu Dolmar PS - 9010 💪

Nothing is worse than ordering a part online, waiting for it to get to you, and then finding out that you ordered the wrong part. We have taken the time to match our suitable replacement Dolmar PS parts to each chainsaw that they fit by model and subcategory. Before ordering, if you are in any way unsure, or have a question about fit or function of a part, simply give us a call and we will be more than happy to help make sure you order the right Dolmar PS chainsaw parts.

We ship daily and most orders go out within 24 to 48 hours. Any manufacturer logos, model names and numbers are the sole property of their respective owners and are used here for the sole purpose of reference. We do not sell OEM chainsaw parts for any brand. Find by Pricing Below 35 1 35 to Orders will continue to ship.

JavaScript is either disabled or not supported by your browser. Dolmar Parts: Jack's is your place! We have the parts you need for your Dolmar chainsaws, leaf blowers, trimmers, and other power equipment. Fix up your chainsaw with a new carburetor or keep it running clean with a fresh air filter. Select a category below to find the part you need. You can also view our free Dolmar Parts Lookuporganized by equipment type and model number of your Dolmar equipment.

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Dolmar PS-9010 Chain Saws - Gasoline Parts Diagrams

Dolmar Parts Dolmar Parts: Jack's is your place! Dolmar Air Cleaner Assembly. Dolmar Air Filter Cover. Dolmar Air Filters. Dolmar Anti-Vibration Mounts.

Dolmar Belts. Dolmar Blade Guards. Dolmar Blower Tubes. Dolmar Carburetors and Parts - 2-Cycle. Dolmar Chain Adjusters. Dolmar Chain Brake. Dolmar Chain Saw Tools.

Dolmar Chainsaw Bars. Dolmar Clutch Assemblies. Dolmar Connecting Rods. Dolmar Crankshaft. Dolmar Cylinder Assemblies and Parts. Dolmar Cylinder Head.

Dolmar Decompression Valve. Dolmar Felling Dogs.


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