Division 2 classic m1a blueprint

You Tube You Tube M1A, Socom 16 sighting. You Tube. My Pictures. Has anyone been playing the beta? I've been running around post-apocalyptic New York with a 22" M1a as my primary weapon. Options for optics, suppressors, and more. I've been playing the Beta as well.

It's too bad the standard magazine capacity is only 10 rounds. Can't wait for it to release on March 8th. Because XBox is junk. Thanks from 3Gunnah and treadstone I got one last night on Xbox one. It was called m1a loaded All I've been able to find is the Classic. What level was the Loaded? I've been pretty impressed with the variety and options in the game - I was briefly playing with a Mosin M44, desperate times indeed Thanks from deathsythe I was able to find a loaded M1A in the earlier PS4 closed beta.

Great weapon in the game, but the 10 round mags are annoying. Headshots are 1 hit kills, which is nice considering the enemies are bullet soakers. That's just the nature of a shooter RPG.

I'll be playing it on Xbox one. Not really sure if I like it now tho.

The Division 2 - Best DPS Build Guide! AR/LMG/Rifle 40 Mil DPS

When it was first announced Now tho after watching the betas, it looks so-so, and chaotic. It's a sandbox full of people stabbing each other in the back. I've actually had some very enjoyable sessions in the Dark Zone with random teammates. Going it alone never ends well, but my random groups of 3 and 4 always went pretty well. The greatest was two teams of 4 coordinating against another of 3 that were purposely going rogue all the time.

One group pinned them down on a rooftop while the other assaulted and wiped them out. I'll probably order this tonite and get it tomorrow after work. I have some trade ins for the Xbox one to get rid of. Originally Posted by Thor.Tom Clancy's: The Division 2 is finally out and, aside from a plethora of other loot, there are a lot of guns to collect. Of course, you can pick weapons up in The Dark Zone, too, fighting other players for various weapons and gear.

Right now, there are over 70 variants of weapons in the game, but if you never played the first Divisionit might be hard to tell which ones are the best. So we're here to help with our selection of the best weapons you can currently get in The Divsion 2. It has rather hefty recoil, which can be annoying at times, but the amount of damage it deals totally compensates for this little nuisance. To get the most out of this gun, shoot the AK-M in short bursts so that it doesn't stray away from its target too much.

As one of the best guns in the game, it can kill your opponent in short order. The black market version of AK-M can be modified with a long, underbarrell rail and a 7. What sets the A3 SMG apart from other, similar weapons is its prolonged barrel. This feature makes the weapon very accurate, which is exactly what many machine guns lack. The A3 also has the highest rate of damage among all SMGs in the game. However, keep in mind its magazine slot needs to be upgraded as it's rather limited in the vanilla version.

LMGs are without a doubt the most versatile and effective weapons in The Division 2. The classic variant of M60 is probably the best LMG you can currently get. Many players may skip on an LMG as their main weapon due to a very long reload time, which at times can take s. That is a lot, especially when you're in the middle of a shootout.

But M60 has an advantage over the rest of the LMGs in the game due to its huge magazine capacity and sheer damage power. This means that you will kill a lot more enemies with it and reload a lot less. Although Mk17 is categorized as a standard rifle in The Division 2many players simply call it the "Cannon".

It has a rather low firerate, but the damage output is so high that you don't need to shoot too fast, really. Another cool feature of Mk17 is almost a complete lack of recoil, which makes it very accurate by definition. On top of that, this weapon doesn't care about the range.

It takes care of targets at close, mid, and long ranges equally effectively. So, if you're looking for a precise weapon with high DPS, then military variant of Mk17 would be an excellent choice.

This assault rifle has the highest fire rate amongst all weapons in the game, which equals extremely high damage output. In case your gameplan includes sniping enemies from afar, there are better weapons for that kind of purpose.

But if you do enjoy shooting opponents in the face at close range, there is no better option for that in the game right now. The Italian UZI, as it is known among veteran players, is the epitome of fun. If you're not too interested in getting FAMAS, but you still want a weapon with a high fire rate, then this is an excellent alternative. It also has a much faster reload time of only 1.

division 2 classic m1a blueprint

The only actual drawback here is that you will need to supply it with a lot of ammo, since those rounds sink really fast. This light machine gun is very similar in stats to M60, but it loses in terms of stability a little bit. This means that your first few shots may miss the desired target.As the title says, how do you get the M1A marksman rifle?

The purple one. Can you buy it from a vender or do you have to find it as a drop? Well you can hope it drops from missions, or you can try and porting around town checking the various shops in the safe houses, they change the available stock every couple of hours. But if i where you, i would not try to get a specific weapon before reaching 30 and then going for yellow high end ones.

I ran every good sniper rifle i could find before 30, and then hording marks to buy the blueprint for the sniper rifle that is available at your base. I agree with all of that. One of the thing you can do is complete side quests.

The Division

Often you will receive a blueprint from the mission or the JTF officer in that zone safe house. Depending on how far along you are, the Murry Hill Civilians side mission will award an amazing marksman blueprint. I've gotta admit I have the M1-A1 superior version But haven't seen it drop since then. I use it as a deadlier AR. Equally as hard is finding a 12x scope.

I would even buy one if a vendor sold them. But good luck on your search! You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

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division 2 classic m1a blueprint

Posted March 17, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Reply to this topicAh, wrong Tuesday. I'm a week ahead in my head. I blame it on all My Pictures. Originally Posted by Thedutchman. I've seen a Classic and a Socom model. IDK about the Loaded.

See yall March 8th. Sooooo Excited. I'll be playing on ps4 with M1A primary. Send me a message saying you're from the forums I'd be happy to play with any of you folks.

Originally Posted by Thor. I blame it on all the travel I've been doing lately. Thanks from Etool and waldo Thanks from gimking. They are in the game files. He mentions it if I remember correctly. Maybe in the final game maybe not. Game files. I know there is a socom M1A in the game however I never saw it in the betas either. I hope there are that many firearms in the game. The FAL in that game was a 3 round burst rifle.

division 2 classic m1a blueprint

Not at all like the real thing. The M4 was junk compared to both. M1A was the best in the game for me. A lot of others in the game were rocking it too. Not just saying that either. Really powerful. Semi Auto only though. SMG's were pretty weak in the betas too. I agree Thedutchman. The Youtuber in the video used a full size m1a for most of the time.

Missed out on the beta, I have only watched friends play.

The Division 2 Blueprints Vendor Location

Hope to see at least some of the guns mentioned. You are also right about the realism, I would hate to see things ruined just to nerf or fit a niche the weapon isn't made for.

I expect more from Tom Clancy. I'm pretty stoked on this game, I played the alpha and both betas on the XboxOne. Because I don't like my personal information being stolen when PSN gets hacked I'm really liking this game, I broke my "no-preorder" rule and bought it after the closed-beta.For the next few days at least, The Division 2 is free to play. In a cover-based, tactical shooter like The Division 2, most of your engagements are going to be at medium to long range. The sniper rifles in The Division 2 — with the exception of the Sharpshooter signature weapon — feel a little weak.

Because enemies take multiple shots, even if you hit them in the head, the laboriously slow target acquisition, poor rate-of-fire, and high recoil of scoped weapons can make them tough to recommend. However, if you go into the mod menu of a weapon and strip all of its mod slots, you can take off the scope, leaving you with something a bit like the old Kar98k from Call of Duty World at War.

It can take some getting used to because of the reticle bloom, but unscoped snipers still have the sky-high damage of their zoomed counterparts, only without any of the difficulties with target acquisition.

If you need a second primary to deal high damage to enemies that intermittently pop out of cover, but without compromising your view of the battlefield, test this out.

If you stick in cover that box gets a heck of a lot smaller, and is incredible at lining up medium range headshots — which can earn you a ton of extra XP when combined with the Headshot Accolade perk.

Let us know in the comments! For more early game tips on The Division 2, check out our guides to the best skills and best perks to unlock at the start of your mission. Struggling to track down Printer Filament in The Division 2? Take a look at our material farming guide.

The Division 2. The Division 2 Best Weapons guide High Stability weapons In a cover-based, tactical shooter like The Division 2, most of your engagements are going to be at medium to long range. Sniper and Marksman Rifles with the scope striped off The sniper rifles in The Division 2 — with the exception of the Sharpshooter signature weapon — feel a little weak.

Enable JavaScript to sign up to our newsletter.Veteran agents of The Division should find themselves in largely familiar territory for the sequel, as it keeps faith very closely with the original, exploration-heavy, shared-world loot and shoot adventure that initially drew players into its dreary post-apocalyptic backdrop. While this is demonstrated pretty well across the entire board, nowhere is this more evident than in terms of weapon selection and gunplay, and mowing down hostiles with them has never felt more impactful and rewarding.

The improvements made to the gunplay and handling definitely feel awesome when you've got a great weapon to experience them with, but setting out with one that isn't quite up to par can produce the exact opposite effect.

So to help make sure you're getting the most out of your romp through the ruins of Washington D. C, we've put together a list of the best and worst weapons to take with you. We're working with just the raw, normalized weapon statistics here, so remember that you can definitely change your mileage depending on your build, modifications, weapon talents, and whether or not you're playing in PVP.

Anyway, let's get started. Sometimes you just want a shotgun that does exactly what a shotgun is supposed to do. It feels natural, it is effective, and it's really difficult to use incorrectly.

If you like shotguns, then you need to give this one a try. Boasting high RPM and one of the higher DPS ratings among shotguns, it may lack the solid, per-shot stopping power of quite a few of its brethren, but it kicks out shells fast enough to end up a lot more useful than most of them.

Just mind the lengthy reload times. This makes it a pretty common choice, especially for PVP outings. While it stays pretty accurate in most circumstances, the damage drop-off for this particular assault rifle keeps it relegated to a bit inside of mid-range fighting.

But this makes it perfect for the frenetic, run-and-gun gameplay where most players will end up finding their comfort zone while still retaining enough punch to lend a little extra reach to that style. Sometimes, the low tech, straightforward solutions tend to get overlooked for the shinier, more modernized aesthetics of other options. That can be a pretty grave mistake, especially when it comes to picking out your favorite shotgun.

The accuracy is abysmal, and you're going to find yourself reloading more often than you find yourself doing anything else. But these drawbacks pay off in absolutely tremendous amounts of stopping power, and they're well worth the trade-off once you're comfortable with the play style that this unassuming and humble classic shotgun requires of you.

Sure, it's definitely a classic. But unfortunately, it doesn't really hold up to the plethora of other, better assault rifle choices that you could make here. First, it's a burst fire weapon, and for some reason, they never seem to go over well when it comes to The Division. The recoil is a bit strong, especially for a burst fire weapon, so it can be difficult to get the entire cycle to land on target. This can be compensated fairly well if you stack on the stability, but at that point, you need to confront the relatively poor DPS rating.

All in all, it isn't worth the investment with so many better options available. The M44 has been getting a lot of attention from fans of marksman rifles, and it's not entirely unfounded.The Division 2 features a variety of customizations which lets craft new weapons, gears, and plenty of other items.

But to craft the new items you will need to get Blueprints. The most basic way to get the Blueprints in the game is to complete the main missions, side missions, and Settlement Project objectives. This way you will be able to earn early levels blueprints. Throughout the game, you will be able to find different vendors in the Base Of Operations and the Settlements. So what you need to do is just go to any vendor and buy all the Blueprints. There are three vendors one at the white house, one at the Theater settlement, and another at the Campus settlement.

Once you do this with all the vendors, move to your first vendor from which you bought the Blueprints.

Weapons of The Division 2

Just note — you might need to get Level 30 for this to work. To use this method of getting Blueprints you will need to keep progressing into the game until the Black Tusk take over the map.

Now you need to take back the control points but before you do that you need to know that these control points are linked with other open world activities like public executions, territorial control, and more. Just hover your cursor over the control points and you will see a number beside them. To upgrade them you will need to complete world events like public executions, territory control and more.

Skip to content The Division 2 features a variety of customizations which lets craft new weapons, gears, and plenty of other items. Complete Missions, Settlement Projects, And Side Missions The most basic way to get the Blueprints in the game is to complete the main missions, side missions, and Settlement Project objectives. But there is possible glitch or bug which lets you resets the Blueprints from the vendor.

Complete Control Points Level 3 To use this method of getting Blueprints you will need to keep progressing into the game until the Black Tusk take over the map.

When this happens all the control points on the map will be taken over by the new enemies. Once a control point reaches level 3, completing it would give you guaranteed blueprints.


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